About us

Founded in 1907 and committed exclusively to the funeral industry since 1948, Victoriaville & Co. is a fourth-generation family business that employs hundreds of people in Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

We have always been inspired by wood, especially since each wood essence is unique, just like those who have left us. This is the most natural way to celebrate the loved ones we have lost.

Victoriaville & Co. also specializes in the manufacture of ethnic, eco-responsible and religious products. In addition, special-size caskets are also available, including child-size caskets.

Highlights of our History

  • 1907 J.E. Hébert founded a lumber mill company with the financial support of J.A. Dumont.
  • 1948 The sawmill was transformed into a furniture manufacturer and in 1948 Victoriaville Caskets was created.
  • 1960 Creation of South Durham Caskets, founded by Charles-Édouard Dumont, brother of J.A. Dumont.
  • 1974 After 20 years as a manager, Mr. Claude Dumont became President of the company.
  • 1975-1984 The company became one of the largest casket manufacturers in Canada. During this period, in order to secure a strong position on the market, the company management made strategic acquisitions and investments.
  • 1990 Alain, Claude Dumont’s son, joined the company and represented the third generation of the Dumont family to work in the family business.
  • 1998 Investment of $25 million to modernize and expand the plant while burn down in 1997.
  • 2002 Creation of Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc. which consolidated the Group’s operations. Alain Dumont was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer while his father, Claude, was named Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.
  • 2015 Charles-Olivier Dumont joined the family business representing the fourth generation.
  • 2018 After 111 years of existence and 70 years of “exclusive” commitment towards the funeral industry, Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc. changed its name to Victoriaville & Co. in order to refocus on a new vision and a new mission, but with the same passion and the same promise to its various regional, national and international clients.
  • 2019 Victoriaville & Co. acquires the Canadian facility of Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions, Alliance St-Laurent Casket.
  • 2021 On September 1, 2021, Victoriaville & Co. and Sauder Funeral Products formed a strategic partnership. As part of this partnership, Sauder Funeral Products’ line of caskets will become part of the Victoriaville & Co. portfolio.
  • 2021 On October 29, 2021 we are pleased to announce the amalgamation of the operations of South Durham Caskets with Victoriaville & Co. With this merger, we come full circle, by welcoming Marc Dumont with his casket expertise.
  • 2023 On January 30, 2023 we announced an investment in a 67,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Cleveland, Ohio. “This manufacturing addition to our existing capacity was necessary to support the company’s growth by expanding the company’s workforce, streamlining its supply chain and specializing its three manufacturing facilities.